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Susan Abs, Principal
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Practitioner’s Guide: Capacity Development for Environmental Sustainability, 2008-10. UN Development Program (UNDP)

This handbook sets out a framework, principles, five-step process and practical tools for strengthening environmental capacity, with a focus on developing countries.  The approach is based on global best practices and can easily be adapted to specific topics, such as climate change, and diverse target groups in any country.

Resource Kit for National Capacity Self-Assessments (NCSAs), 2005. UN Development Program (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The step-by-step guide assists countries to assess strengths and weaknesses in their capacity to meet commitments under Multinational Environmental Agreements (MEAs) such as the UN conventions on climate change and biodiversity. It was used by over 100 countries to prepare National Capacity Self Assessments and Action Plans to guide international cooperation projects.