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Susan Abs, Principal
Eclipse Environmental Consulting Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tel. 01-604-219-7354


Susan Abs is an environmental planner with over 30 years of experience from local to global levels, including 26 years as the founder and principal of Eclipse Environmental Consulting Ltd. She combines a solid multi-disciplinary technical background in environment and sustainability with strong capabilities in training, education, and stakeholder engagement on diverse sustainability topics.

Susan is a specialist in participatory training, education communications and awareness-raising. She has designed and delivered over 40 training courses and workshops and organized train-the-trainer programs to build long-term organizational capacity in diverse settings.

Susan has been involved in every facet of stakeholder engagement, including developing, implementing and evaluating small to large scale engagement strategies, preparing stakeholder involvement manuals, and delivering staff training programs. She has designed, facilitated and reported on more than 40 stakeholder workshops, events and staff meetings. She is a skilled communicator, specializing in “plain language” communication of technical information to diverse audiences, and the synthesis of stakeholder views as inputs to plans and programs.

Susan has extensive experience in design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of plans, projects and programs. She is skilled in research, issue analysis, synthesis and writing, and has prepared numerous plans, reports, presentations, handbooks, consultation summaries and best practices studies. This is complemented by outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills which she brings to work planning, teamwork and collaborative projects.

Susan is interested in working on inventive, practical initiatives that will significantly advance the sustainability agenda and make a tangible impact “on the ground”. Her “local to global” experience enriches her contribution to every project in which she participates. She also brings a light-hearted, creative spirit to her work, incorporating fresh and engaging techniques into the challenging work of sustainability. Susan speaks French and Spanish and works well with interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teams and projects.

Country Experience

Susan has worked and/or lived in 23 countries:

Bangladesh, Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, India, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Seychelles, Sweden, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Canada

Canadian delegate to 4-month Pan-American Institute for Geographers: Organization of American States, Ecuador


Fluent in French and Spanish; understands Italian, Portuguese and conversational Swedish


M. Sc. Economics: Urban And Regional Planning, 1984 (Distinction for thesis)
London School of Economics and Political Science, London, England
Disciplines: Environment and Resources, Economics, Public Administration

Bachelor of Education: Geography, Biology, 1980 (1st Class Honours)
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Teaching Certificate (Professional Development Program) Specialty: Environmental Education, 1977
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada